by nightmare

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released November 4, 2015



all rights reserved


nightmare Rochester, New York

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Track Name: Peel
Peel off your skin from nail to knuckle
And understand it’s gonna bury you alive
I’m on the floor gathering your dust
As it settles down in waves and piles
Sense of mobility is rapidly diminishing
I dig my heels into the carpet
As you glance over I’m sinking down
Completely bound to drowning in the sand

One has to wonder do I even try
Will I ever do it right?
I can’t fuck up every time

Peel off your skin from nail to knuckle
I understand it’s gonna bury us alive
Track Name: Fly
Fly flew into my beer on the roof
And it don’t surprise me that he drowned
And there was no help, no emotions felt could bring it back to life
And the air was still and my body chilled as I watched the sun pass by

My body sits on the apex
Of my parent’s roof, some uncool truth, on my own I can’t survive
And we trap ourselves in elaborate spells, that we can be fine
But it all comes back to the simple fact that I am just a fly

In a bottle

Wood shudders and writhes
And the beams bend and cry
The roof cracks open wide
I fall through and I

Hit the floor

I feel the impact erode my sense of despondent gloom
And my body broken in two makes a break through of joy

Then I wake
Track Name: Imploding
Don’t dismiss what I say, don’t dismiss what I say
When I’m drunk sitting on the floor
When I’m fucked out my mind, starring at the door
And I’ve said it before, I don’t know if that’s right
But I’ve said it before

Don’t dismiss what I say, don’t dismiss
What I wanted to do, what did I want to do?
Have I made a single choice that I thought through?
Do I blow up my life just for the fun in confusion
I get so confused

Don’t dismiss what I say, don’t dismiss
What I wanted to change about myself
When I wanted to break all my fingers and habits
I think I’ve done this before
I think I’ve been here before